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Jan 17, 2020

So what’s your time worth? Home-based entrepreneurs who operate service or consulting businesses have to figure out what their time is worth. Achieving our financial and professional goals requires time, and your time is money. No one knows this better than busy mom and entrepreneur Romi Neustadt, author of “You...

Jan 14, 2020

What do you do after you hit a perfect score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test SAT? Shaan Patel was inspired to start a company after mastering a strategy that helped him attain a perfect score on the SAT. Shaan launched his successful company Prep Expert, a prep course for college admissions exams (

Jan 9, 2020

Millions of people throw their hat into the ring to become entrepreneurs. But many don’t make it far. One entrepreneur, Joe Pippins, defied the odds and tragic situations to take his business to a whole new level with his innovative product “The Fishing Caddy” ( Joe pippins has entered...

Jan 4, 2020

All home businesses run into roadblocks that prevent them from growing and succeeding in their most important areas. They’ll need to overcome obstacles and get help in achieving key goals. In short, they need a business accelerator. That’s where April Shprintz, founder of Driven Outcomes, comes into play (