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Apr 25, 2018

Interview with Culture Design Expert Jesica Higgins An entrepreneur's world, particularly with a start-up, can be 24/7. Can you actually work less and be more productive? Can you change your business habits and tap into a “mindfulness” that increases your productivity? Jessica Higgins say “Yes!” She believes you can even go on vacation and really be on vacation. That as entrepreneurs, we too can create our own culture of productivity. To sail these seas, Sherilyn Colleen, Managing Editor, and Richard “Capt’n” Henderson interview Jessica Higgins, an attorney, business executive, author, public speaker, and chief operating officer with Gapingvoid Culture Design Group. Subjects discussed in podcast include: What it actually means to work less and be more productive – Mindfulness!Ways that entrepreneurs can change their habits to tap into this mindfulnessHow to really shut-off when on vacation or leisure time, as an entrepreneurWhat entrepreneurs can do to create a better culture for themselves, and their teams So tune in and learn how to tap into a productive mindfulness with culture design expert Jessica Higgins. Episode Sponsor: Downline Builders Network * Visit the Podcast Website