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Nov 10, 2021

Pushed upward by increased bandwidth, smarter smart phones, new ideas about work, and even workplace shakeups from Covid, we are in a home-based revolution. Every year brings an increasing number of people working from home and operating home-based businesses. Balanced right, you can create multiple income streams from your home and still have time for what matters most in your life. So, who better to comment on this explosion than Martha Krejci, author of the new book “The Home-Based Revolution”?

Martha Krejci ( is a self-described “high-vibin’ mama,” a wife, life coach, business coach and growth strategist, and social media marketing powerhouse who is taking the internet by storm. Richard “Capt’n” Henderson interviews Martha Krejci, who shares her perspectives on how you can build greater home-based business success. Special Tool:

Subjects discussed in podcast include:
• How did Martha Krejci come up with the term “high-vibin’ Mama”?
• How did she know that it was time for a change in her career path?
• The first steps for someone in search of financial freedom?
• How Martha Krejci helps others fulfill their own passions in their home business
• Success stories in her book The Home-Based Revolution
• What does it mean to grow your mindset?
• Embracing the “be you” when it comes to succeeding in your home business

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