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Feb 27, 2022

The biggest reason why small businesses fail is lack of revenue. Looked at another way, the best you can ensure your small business success is to maximize your revenue. What better way to do that than to diversify your business and your income streams? And who better to talk with us about business diversification than Sara Bendrick (

Richard “Captain” Henderson and Shelby Cara interview Sara Bendrick; a HGTV “Lawn & Order” star, TV host, author of Big Impact Landscaping, and – of course – a thriving small business owner. She’s a small business expert who can help us get on the right path to diversifying revenue.

Subjects discussed in podcast include:

• Sara Bendrick’s diverse background of reality TV, author, and thriving business owner.
• What are we talking about when we use the term “Diversifying Revenue”?
• Why is diversifying recurring revenue so important for any small business owner?
• Ways for small businesses to leverage services they already offer, for additional revenue
• Advice for a new business owner to expand revenue sources
• How can entrepreneurs begin to expand services to create new income streams?
• Success factors in selecting and succeeding in a business that diversifies your core established business

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Author, TV Star and small business owner Sara Bendrick





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