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Apr 30, 2018

Interview with Author Stacey Hanke Email is critical to your marketing and business success. Have you ever sent an email – to a business partner, colleague, client, or sales prospect – and never got a response? It's probably not that they are too busy to respond, it's because they don’t want to respond. Simply put - Your email missed the mark! If you want to be heard through the clutter, before you press send, consider the recipient of that email. What can you do to make your message standout from the crowd? Subjects discussed in podcast include: Reasons that cause someone to ignore our emailsCharacteristics of a poorly written emailSo “TO ALL CAPS OR NOT TO ALL CAPS”: is it too aggressive or are there times ALL CAPS are appropriate?Why you should use bullet points to communicate key ideas, recommendations and action stepsShould you consider your empty inbox a gift?When the tried and true telephone is the best way to be heard So tune in and learn how to get your emails Heard with communications expert Stacey Hanke. To learn more about Stacey Hanke, visit for more information. Episode Sponsor: the CEO's Guide to Marketing * Visit the Podcast Website