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Mar 16, 2018

When you are more proactive and future-focused, you’ll find that your business is easier to run. If you are putting in all the time and energy it takes to run a home-based business, then you need to have a strategic plan. It will help you to capitalize on your talents with increased simplicity and efficiency. Most Successful business owners have a business plan, and you should, too. It will save you time, energy, money and stress Sherilyn Colleen, Managing Editor, and Richard “Captain” Henderson interview Virginia Phillips, an Author, Speaker, and Award-winning coach and owner of The Academy of Entrepreneurial Excellence. Subscribe to Home Business TV ( Subjects discussed in this podcast include: • What a strategic plan is • Why home-based businesses need one • How you create one • Once a plan is created, how it helps a business leader • If home-based business owners can create an effective strategic plan without the help of software or a coach So tune in to hear Virginia Phillips' insight into how to create and implement an effective plan for your business. Episode Sponsor: Physical Address * Visit the Podcast Website -