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Apr 29, 2022

Interview with “The Inner Matrix” author Joey Klein

Success in a home business cannot just be achieved by building and delivering a better mouse trap. Entrepreneurs are under constant pressure and stress, and that can get in the way of achieving your business goals. Having a mastery of one’s emotions under this pressure can mean the difference between a home business owner’s epic success or miserable failure.

Richard “Captain” Henderson and Shelby Cara Henderson interview Joey Klein (, author of The Inner Matrix, Leveraging the Art & Science of Personal Mastery to Create Real Life Results. Joey Klein is one of the world’s leading experts in how you can better master your emotions for increased success.

Subjects discussed in podcast include:
• How Joey Klein got into the world of helping people in personal mastery and development
• Your Inner matrix we all possess
• Mastering your Inner Matrix system starts with being aware of emotions
• Levering your thoughts after gaining awareness of your emotions
• Driving actions that produce the results you want.
• How mastering your emotions is central to the process of driving the right actions
• Joey’s thriving worldwide business model using Inner Matrix System principles
• Becoming an author packaging his system into a book The Inner Matrix

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Joey Kleinauthor of The Inner Matrix, Leveraging the Art & Science of Personal Mastery to Create Real Life Results.[/caption]


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