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Jan 29, 2018

Generating publicity for a business is becoming a much harder feat than in the “olden days” of public relations. Business professionals have to get creative if they want to stand out in today's media climate. And what’s more creative than stealing the news and making it your own? That’s right, it’s called Newsjacking. The term comes from a well-known marketing strategist, David Meerman Scott, in which you inject your own opinion into a breaking news story in real time. It’s a great way to show the public what you find important and generate coverage for yourself and your business. In thisepisode of Home Business TV, Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Managing Editor Sherilyn Colleen interview Jeff Bradford, CEO of the Bradford Group. Bradford is skilled in message development and targeted communication strategies for a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, law and technology. Bradford is a writer by training and a marketing expert by experience. Subjects include: * What Newsjacking is * The tricks to doing it successfully * The advantages of using this publicity tactic * How this tactic can help a small business get more news coverage * Why he thinks Newsjacking works so well in the Internet Age, as opposed to the "olden days" of news media Newsjacking is all about finding those hot-button topics and using them to your advantage. So tune in to hear communication tips from a recognized public relations expert. Episode Sponsor: Little Jimmy's Italian Ices * Visit the Radio Show Website