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Dec 14, 2017

In this episode of Home Business Radio, Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Managing Editor Sherilyn Colleen interview Theresa Barnabei, co-author of Multiply Your Business: 10 New Marketing Strategies for the Real Estate Industry. Theresa’s inspirational story started as a United Parcel Service (UPS) driver. At a very young age, she struggled through many ups and downs. She worked her way up as a corporate marketing manager with UPS. Theresa then shifted to the real estate industry, where she managed a 150-agent office and owns a real estate school, and a personal development, coaching and training company. Today, Theresa is a sought-out consultant who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. She shares personal inspiring stories and cutting edge business advice - insights that will empower and deliver value to our listeners, especially those with entrepreneurial spirit! Subjects discussed in this podcast include: * The initial marketing tool for listeners to institute FIRST  * How to ‘work your database’ * The kinds of conversations you have with folks in your database * After that, the next powerful tool business owners must use * Why differentiation is so critical to small business success * Advice for those who do not think they can write a book So tune in and hear valuable advice on how to attract clients and differentiate to achieve the life of your dreams! Episode Sponsor: Shane Douglas with Prime Time Network *     Visit the Radio Show Website