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Sep 11, 2018

Interview with Lena Jenkins-Smith CEO and Executive Producer of Young Millennium Records Can a hard-working Mompreneur succeed in the male-dominated entertainment industry of record labels? Lena Jenkin-Smith says YES. Lena Smith is the CEO and executive producer of Young Millennium Records ( She is a hard-working, African-American entrepreneur who carved out an inspiring career working with Hollywood’s elite. Lena holds multiple college degrees and has a motivating start-up story where she specializes in giving young artists a head start. Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Sherilyn Colleen interview Lena Smith about the record Industry challenges that require Lena Smith to excel in a diverse range of business skills and tasks. Our listeners today can take Lena’s story and apply its lessons into their own home-based business. Subjects discussed in podcast include: How Young Millennium Records is “making its mark” in the record industryTips on succeeding in a male-dominated industryHow Lena Jenkins-Smith got started in the music industryThe “Daily Grind” as CEO of a Record LabelAdvice for a young women who wants to start her own businessHow to scout out new talent Episode Sponsor: Safety Technology * Visit the Podcast Website