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Jun 25, 2019

Interview with Author and Referral Expert Stacey Randall Brown  For decades we have been taught that to receive business referrals we must ask or incentivize to get them. So if you don’t like asking for referrals or generate little to no results from your “asking” – then receiving business referrals is out of your reach. But our guest today throws out this paradigm, and will prove that you can receive referrals without asking and without manipulation. Stacey Brown Randall ( is a contrarian on how to generate business referrals. She has cracked the “no asking” code to generating business referrals. Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Sherilyn Colleen interview Stacey Brown, author of Generating Business Referrals Without Asking, and she shares her philosophy and methodology.  Subjects discussed in Podcast include: What is the true definition of a referral?Why the flawed conventional advice has been "to ask" for referralsWhy does asking for referrals actually hurt your chances to receive referrals?Cracking the code - How do you receive a referral without asking for it?Additional items a home business owner can do to make it easier to generate referral business! Episode Sponsor: The Magic Wand Co * Subscribe to Home Business TV YouTube Channel (Click)  Visit the Podcast Website