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Apr 16, 2018

How do the best salespeople become trusted advisers to business owners and top executives? It’s all about preparing the right message, and then getting in front of the right influencers and decision-makers. As a home-based business owner, your goal is to close big sales and establish loyalty for the long-term. To chart these waters, Sherilyn Colleen, Managing Editor, and Richard “Captain” Henderson interview Dr. Steve Bistritz, a top-level sales guru and author of Selling to the C-Suite. He will help you to meet and successfully sell to the unique expectations of business owners and executive buyers. Subjects discussed in the podcast include: What are the best ways to gain access to the executive level?How do you identify the relevant executive for the sales opportunity?What is the impact of digital natives reaching the boardroom?How are online tools and social media revolutionizing the way executives buy?How can salespeople establish and sustain trust and credibility at the executive level? Dr. Steve Bistritz has 40+ years of high-tech sales and training experience. Best-selling author of Selling to the C-Suite and speaker in selling to executives. Through OnTarget, Steve led development of sales training programs for tens of thousands of salespeople worldwide. Steve holds a doctorate in human resource development from Vanderbilt U and is  president of sales training and consulting firm ( So tune in to hear Dr. Steve Bistritz show you how to sell to the C-Suite! Episode Sponsor: Safety Technology * Visit the Podcast Website