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Feb 14, 2022

It’s that dreaded season of the year. It’s tax time. So what does that mean for you, as a small business owner? It’s time to get ready. The most important tax thing you can do right now is plan out what you need to do! Getting ready for tax time isn’t a big thing, it’s a lot of little things, little things that relate from one to the next.

Richard “Captain” Henderson and Shelby Cara interview Barbara Weltman (, to help us get ready for tax time. Barbara Weltman is a well-known business expert and author of The Home-Based Business Start-Up Guide (

Subjects discussed in the podcast include:
• Barbara Weltman intro and her book the Home-Based Business Start-Up Guide.
• What key tax deadlines should we know about?
• Tax strategies: Anything one can still do to reduce 2021 taxes?
• Is taking a home office deduction an audit red flag?
• Should I do my own return or use an accountant tax pro?
• Any advice on getting “your books” ready for tax time?
• Are there any common deductions that home business owners often miss?
• Tips for filing after your taxes are finally ready for the IRS

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Interview Guests:

Barbara Weltman, business expert and author of The Home Business Start-Up Guide.[/caption]








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