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Sep 14, 2018

Full Post at Home Business Magazine  Interview with David Ankin former Stuntman and founder of ToyMakerz - Using Ingenuity David Ankin, inventor and star of the hit show ToyMakerz (, realized that being a stuntman wasn’t a long-term career. So he decided to turn his passion into a new career that others could enjoy. Now, David’s challenge is constantly coming up with something new and unique. That Ingenuity, which is having the ability to be clever, original, and inventive, is what propelled David Ankin to the top of his field and success with ToyMakerz. David’s journey turned into a hit TV show where people watch him work his magic. Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Sherilyn Colleen interview David Ankin on ways that ingenuity can fuel your home business. Subjects discussed in podcast include: David Ankin’s fascinating journey from Stuntman to Reality TV StarWhat inspired David to start the ToyMakerz brand that led to hit TV show.Making ToyMakerz TV brand standout in a competitive marketHow ingenuity can help with success and longevityHow good decisions increase ingenuity and lead to creative solutionsUsing drive to improve ingenuityHow ingenuity creates opportunity and “makes things happen” in the business world Episode Sponsor: Anajet * Visit the Podcast Website