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Oct 14, 2021

As the home-based business world goes more online, the importance of video grows. Your marketing tool-box should contain a good balance of video content. Clients and colleagues have grown to expect video connections. But video content has its own nuances and difficulties and critical success factors. The big challenge comes down to answering this question: how do you make videos that your audience will respond to?

You have to also link videos to your business brand and its content marketing. To help us in our candid-camera journey, Richard “Capt’n” Henderson interviews Dallin Nead. Dallin helps entrepreneurs and businesses create authentic, results-driven media so they can share their message and vision with the world.

Subjects discussed in podcast include:

  • Dallin Nead’s business helping clients create authentic, results-driver media
  • Why should an entrepreneur use video in their marketing and business building?
  • The first step in planning out an engaging video people will want to watch?
  • Preferred platforms for creating video content
  • Is Tik Tok really a serious way to market by Video?
  • How do you tie video into your brand’s message?
  • Critical success factors to creating a video your audience will respond to
  • Additional advice for marketing a finished video

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