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Jun 10, 2020

Interview with Brian Buck CEO of Scotwork North America

Most all areas of our business world were turned upside down with the corona-virus. Working virtually is not easy. And neither is negotiating. Entrepreneurs must rapidly develop new negotiation skills for a new virtual world. If entrepreneurs are not equipped to negotiate when communicating virtually, the impact to the bottom line will reach far beyond today’s crisis. So how can your business equip itself to better negotiate virtually, and minimize financial impacts from COVID-19?

Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Sherilyn Colleen interview Brian Buck, CEO of Scotwork North America (, who has answers on how you can better negotiate when you cannot meet face-to-face. Subscribe to Home Business TV

Subjects discussed in the podcast include:

  • What is so stressful and challenging in negotiations that create problems in a virtual/video environment?
  • How do you deal with conflict in a virtual negotiation?
  • Body language - How can someone “read” the other side when negotiating virtually?
  • Power balance in negotiation - How can you gain power when you feel like the underdog communicating virtually?
  • Video conferencing post-COVID-19 - How can an entrepreneur better negotiate via video?
  • How can entrepreneurs handle their current relationships when contracts are at risk and outrageous demands are being requested in this Covid-19 era?

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