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Oct 3, 2022

After selling their successful supply-chain software-development business, these tech experts didn’t know what to do with their lives. But Sara Gifford and Victor Allis shared a common passion to make democracy work better. So they co-founded ActiVote, a first-of- its-kind non-partisan app, to simplify elections and empower U.S. citizens to vote.

With America now sailing into the mid-term election cycle, what better subject to talk about than this App and an entrepreneur who helped develop it. Richard “Capt’n’” Henderson interviews Vote-Preneur Victor Allis, to discuss his journey developing a successful App (



Subjects discussed in podcast include:

• How the two entrepreneurs got together prior to co-founding ActiVote
• What motivated Victor to use his tech talents to improve democracy?
• How does ActiVote turn non-voters into voters?
• Were investors required to create the app?
• The biggest technology challenges faced in getting a workable, downloadable App
• Does the App have to be monetized to keep it viable?
• A “home-based hybrid model” for employees working from home
• Victor’s “5 minute rule” - What’s that all about?
• Plans for expanding app use before election day

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