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Jul 29, 2020

In our post pandemic world, influencer marketing is growing in its importance to small business success. Influence marketing leverages social media to make more personal connections to your target audience. You can use influence marketing to grow your business, or perhaps “make the leap” to being an Influencer yourself.

To learn more, Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Sherilyn Colleen interview one the most knowledgeable and established influencers in the market, Elma Beganovich, Along with her sister Amra, these two megastar influencers, with over 2.2 million followers, are founders of A&E, a large digital agency (

[caption id="attachment_104138" align="alignright" width="350"]

Mega-Influencers Elma and Amra Beganovich[/caption]

Subjects discussed in the podcast include:

  • What exactly is influence marketing?
  • How did Elma Beganovich get into influence marketing and rise to the top as an influencer?
  • How exactly do influence marketers generate revenue (beyond sponsored posts)?
  • What are some ways that a small business owner, who might lack a large marketing budget, use influence marketing?
  • The first step to becoming an influence marketer, for those who want to “take the leap” as an Influencer.
  • The future of influence marketing - where will the opportunities be?

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Interview Guest:

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Elma Beganovich, super influencer and co-founder of A&E agency,[/caption]









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