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Dec 19, 2018

Interview with Client Generation Expert Mary Cravets Each day you wake up as a business owner, and you likely don’t ask the most important question. That question is: What is the “Number One” job of business? All businesses should have the same answer! The answer to that question should be “Client Generation.” Whether you sell a product or market a service, getting clients is your most important job in business. But too often the basic tasks of marketing and selling seem overwhelming. There are so many different promotional paths you can choose. Too often we don’t make the right choices. And what is the biggest marketing mistake entrepreneurs make, and what are the right marketing decisions? Richard “Capt’n” Henderson and Sherilyn Colleen interview Mary Cravets (, a client Generation Expert and international speaker, to help us get better at client generation. Subjects discussed in podcast include: Mastering your main job of client generationWith the complicated proliferation of online mediums and social media channels, how to keep marketing from getting overwhelmingThe biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make in marketing their businessesHow to you know you’re charting the right marketing activities in your businessWhat is your “Success Mantra”? Episode Sponsor: City America* Subscribe to Home Business TV YouTube Channel (Click)  Visit the Podcast Website