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May 27, 2022

Interview with Amazon Sales Guru Lesley Hensell

Whether you love Amazon or hate it, Amazon is an 800-pound Gorilla in the small business/home business arena. Just about every home-based entrepreneur will be involved in Amazon selling, one way or another. It could be a small Amazon side hustle, a related product for your core business, or a core business itself as an Amazon Seller. For example, at Home Business Magazine, we have to sell our Start-up Guide exclusively through Amazon.

As with any business segment, there are critical success factors to being successful as an Amazon Seller. Richard “Capt’n” Henderson interviews Lesley Hensell, co-founder of Riverbend Consulting ( She will help our listeners to be better sellers on Amazon. Lesley is a seasoned veteran in helping others to grow their businesses through Amazon.

Subjects discussed podcast include:

• Lesley Hensell’s experiences with Amazon and operating a consulting business
• A brief breakdown on how to set yourself up as a seller on Amazon
• How can you set up an online brand that stands out from the crowd?
• Ways to be part of the Amazon marketplace without actually being an Amazon seller
• Growing competition - Is it still a good opportunity to be an Amazon seller?
• Common mistakes Amazon sellers make and the consequences for those mistakes
• What are some of the first things a seller should do if their Amazon account gets suspended?
• “Top Tips” on what an Amazon seller can do to be more successful in Amazon
• What is one thing you should do tomorrow morning to get better plugged in with Amazon?

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Amazon Sales Guru and Co-Founder of Riverbend Consulting Lesley Hensell[/caption]



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