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Apr 22, 2022

Interview with Productivity Consultant Megan Sumrell

Most women are finding it hard to squeeze everything into one day and feeling more overwhelmed than ever. Running a home-based business part-time can greatly increase that pressure. Are you ready to ditch that feeling of being overwhelmed, and find work Life harmony? Today’s guest, Megan Sumrell, believes that the majority of time management and productivity strategies on the market are failing women.


Richard “Captain” Henderson interviews Megan Sumrell (, a well-known and highly sought-after productivity consultant. She can help our listeners – men or women– to better manage our tasks, planning and schedules.

Subjects discussed in podcast include:

• After 20+ years in the corporate IT world Megan punched out to become an entrepreneur
• Gravitating into the high-demand world of time management and productivity.
• Task Management - How do we get control over our to-do lists?
• Using integrated planning to improve productivity
• Another time killer are schedules – How to prevent being overwhelmed by them.
• Systems and processes for better time management
• Megan’s “Ditch the Overwhelm Cheat-sheet”
• One thing every woman should do first thing tomorrow morning to start getting control over their tasks and schedules

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