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Oct 19, 2021

Interview With Health-Preneurs George Kramb and Patrick Frank

It’s a start-up nation out there, and we cannot learn enough from all the different start-up stories out there. Start-ups in a particular industry can share unique lessons and business-building advise for any entrepreneur. George Kramb and Patrick Frank are co-founders of the healthcare start-up PatientPartner; and are Forbes 30 under 30 Entrepreneurs.

Richard “Capt’n” Henderson interviews George and Patrick, who like to call out lessons learned that they could have never learned in any business school. Competing in an industry filled with plenty of competition provides numerous lessons learned that can help you. Furthermore, are there “start-up secrets” that George Kramb and Patrick Frank could only learn on the job? Let’s find out.

Subjects discussed in podcast include:

  • How they found themselves in the world of a healthcare industry start-up
  • The bigger challenges faced in their start-up journey, particularly in its early stages
  • Advise on having that “vision thing”
  • Things they learned on the job that they could never learn in B school
  • Sizing up the competition and then looking for competitive advantages
  • Moving quickly to capitalize on growth potential

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